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컨셉 아티스트 Abraham입니다.
저는 현재 캘리포니아에 위치한 노먼 스쿨 Gnoman School of Visual Effects에서 컨셉 아트를 교육하고 있습니다.
영화 War Dog와 TV 시리즈Colony에 참여를 했으며,가장 최근에는 Titanfall Assault 모바일 게임 개발팀에서 컨셉 아트를 담당했습니다.
그 동안 실제 업무를 통해 쌓은 지식과 경험을 바탕으로 실무에서의 Character / Creature 디자이너를 희망하시는 분들에게 도움이 되는 수업을 만들어 보려고 합니다.

 Abraham 드림


  • Instructor at Gnomon School of Visual Effects (Visual Structure)
  • Titanfall Assault (Mobile game, Launched)
  • Titanfall Frontline (Mobile game, Completed)
  • War Dog (Movie, uncredited)
  • Colony (TV series, pilot and 1st episode, uncredited)

어드밴스 커리큘럼


This class will be useful for those interested in:

  • The theory and the psychology of narrative character/creature design
  • Creating a meaningful characters and creatures (cool vs good design part 2)
  • Learning the creative side of the mobile game pipeline
  • Learning best practices and practical know-hows to create characters and creatures concepts in mobile gaming field (may cover props and environment)


  • Introduction to the theory of narrative character design that incorporates human psychology, symbolism and story-telling elements to create meaningful characters and creatures.
  • Through a series of in-class lecture, exercises, homework and reviews, students will create a genre-specific character or a creature targeted for the mobile gaming industry of their choice


Part 1: Understanding Narrative Character Design

Week 1:

  • Visual Communication and Intentionality in character design
  • Deconstruction of the Movie Matrix to understand the meaning of the character and how he was realized
  • Introduction to Hero’s Journey and 8 archetypes and it’s usage in Hollywood and gaming industry
  • HW: Research, research, and research.

Week 2:

  • Understanding the relationship between the environment and character
  • Physical environment and character
    • Symbolic environment and character
    • HW: Research, environment study and character study

Week 3:

  • Understanding the meaning, psychology and relationship between color and character
  • HW: Research, moodboard, color script, color study

Week 4:

  • Understanding the shape language and form language
  • HW: character / creature design
Part 2: Mobile Gaming Character Design, Workflow, Pipeline

Week 5:

  • Research subject matter and gathering reference materials, mood board, color scheme
  • Understand and select the types of games and camera view point
  • Silhouette based thumbnails
  • HW: Sketches and exploration (with size and scale in mind)

Week 6:

  • Homework Review
  • Develop character based on:
    • Environment
    • Meaning
    • Development Stage
    • Character lineup
  • Reduction Pass
  • Color Pass

Week 7:

  • Homework Review
  • Props, weapons, costumes
  • Character Front view
  • 3/4 shot

Week 8:

  • Homework Review
  • Character turnaround, callouts, color sheet
  • Finishing Touches: Beauty Shot and lighting (OR Action Sequences, weapon VFX etc.)


이번 에센스에서 다루었던 내용 

*어드밴스 신청시 지난 에센스도 다시보기로 볼 수 있습니다.

Week 1:

  • Introduction

  • What is concept art?

  • Function of the concept artist (R&D, planning, preproduction, in-production, post production)

  • Industry-Targeted concept art:

    • concept artist vs illustrator

    • Mobile vs Console vs Movies, TV vs Animation

    • Preferred skills and requirements

  • Q&A

Week 2:

  • Tool Introduction (photoshop, zBrush and Tablet)

  • Design workflow:

    • Painting

    • Photobash

    • 3D base

  • “Cultural Fit”: Company culture (corporate vs. startup, bro-culture)

  • Work-life balance

  • Q&A

Week 3:

  • Trend and preferred character and creature design in the gaming/movie industry

  • Suspension of disbelief vs believable design (anatomy, scale, costume, prop/weapon interaction & consideration)

  • Walking the line between function and “cool”

  • Q&A

Week 4:

  • Introduction to design theory, rule of 3s in mobile gaming

  • Introduction and expectation of the advanced class

  • The importance of WHYs and HOWs

  • Cool design vs Meaningful design

  • Student survey and discussion

  • Q&A

수업 진행 현황

[발차기] Concept Art – 아브라함 1기 에센스 1주차 01:16:00
[발차기] Concept Art – 아브라함 1기 에센스 2주차 01:22:00
[발차기] Concept Art – 아브라함 1기 에센스 3주차 01:24:00
[발차기] Concept Art – 아브라함 1기 에센스 4주차 01:35:00
[발차기] Concept Art – 아브라함 1기 어드밴스 1주차 02:27:00
[발차기] Concept Art – 아브라함 1기 어드밴스 2주차 02:51:00
[발차기] Concept Art – 아브라함 1기 어드밴스 3주차 02:39:00
[발차기] Concept Art – 아브라함 1기 어드밴스 4주차 03:06:00
[발차기] Concept Art – 아브라함 1기 어드밴스 5주차 02:28:00
[발차기] Concept Art – 아브라함 1기 어드밴스 6주차 02:32:00
[발차기] Concept Art – 아브라함 1기 어드밴스 7주차 02:36:00
[발차기] Concept Art – 아브라함 1기 어드밴스 8주차 02:31:00

단톡방입장 & 수업입장

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